Cable Advertising

Cable television advertising involves putting together a commercial to air during breaks in TV programming.

Cable television advertising is a good way to reach large numbers of people especially when you are looking to bring in new customers to your small business.

Cable TV offers a very strategic way to reach your potential customers by demographic and geographic targeting. It helps target specific geographies across the spectrum from lower to high income groups. It is also relatively cheaper to TV advertising, but as effective as the audience is same & more targeted. With Cable you can reach a much larger audience than with local radio or print advertisements.

You utilize sight, sound and motion to convey the message about your small business. Cable companies also present opportunities for advertising on alternate video devices where programs can be viewed. This includes websites, video on demand and mobile devices.

Most of the cable companies or agencies provide you with a detailed contract that list the cable networks your commercial will run on, what time it will play, how many times it will play, and for how long will it play. You can also choose to tie in your business with the programming offered on the cable network. For instance, your Nursery store could be featured during home and gardening program. The other great thing about tracking your AD results on cable TV is that you can alter channels, times and locations monthly to test how effective your AD is. Additionally, you can even produce a more effective commercial and replace it with the previous one.