Highway and City Road Hoarding

Highway and City Road Hoarding

  • It’s the no.1 medium for outdoor advertising
  • It covers a large number of audiences going through roads and Highways
  • Highly illuminated and eye catching Hoardings
  • 24 hour visibility
  • Highly impactful


Billboards – Everyone is bound to see them!
As billboards are usually positioned along highways and busy roads, it is for sure that large number of people will see your advertising. Also, unlike other marketing mediums like commercials on T.V or advertisements in newspapers and magazines, you can neither flip channels nor turn pages on a billboard. Therefore, people are bound to notice the advertisings that a billboard carries whether they like it or not. For most people travelling on the same route daily is a compulsion, such as with their commute to work each day. In such cases billboards prove to have another advantage that is regular commuters on the same road shall have to see your advertisement regularly. This ensures that it remains on their minds for longer periods and calls for better registration and recall.

Billboards- Place them wherever you want to! This type of advertising strategy is so successful partly because of the fact that you can position your billboard advertisement wherever you feel it will have the create maximum impact. This can be a big advantage when you have a brand you want to draw traffic to right off a regular highway exit, or you have a showroom just down the road corner. Billboards can also used in areas where reaching people is sometimes difficult. An example is rural farming communities spread over vast distances. By placing your billboard advertisement along one of the main roads around the community, you’ll greatly increase your visibility.

Billboards- Keep them short and crisp to make your point! As a matter of fact a person sees or gets to see your billboard for about two to three seconds. This calls for a most important point to be kept in mind, that is in hoarding advertising you should keep your messages very brief, short, crisp and to the point. Billboards do much better and prove to be more attractive when they focus more on pictures than on text. Also, billboards are often seen by people while driving and since they are moving, it makes it difficult for reading. Therefore, any text written on the billboard must be large enough for them to view and read easily. Instead meaningful phrases, one-liners, appropriate pictures and apt presentation do the trick.

Billboards – A marketing tactic which calls for long-term association!
Billboard companies generally make business houses enter into contracts that involve long-term agreements. This is done majorly because it takes a lot of time, energy and money to constantly change billboard advertisements. So, billboard advertising always calls for long term association between the advertiser and the media house. According to Marketing Scoop, billboard contracts usually cover a duration of three months to several years. This makes billboard advertising less conducive for businesses that frequently change their advertising campaigns on a weekly or monthly basis. Billboard advertising works better for overall business and brand advertising than it does for temporary specials and sales.

Billboards- Choose it and see the difference!
Billboards can convey your messages most effectively. Choose them for wide publicity and you will experience a whole world of difference.