Mumbai Metro Advertising

We  offer Metro advertising services across Mumbai network.

Metro train is growing fast to be the medium of first choice of Mumbai commuters.

Metro advertising can be done in many ways – viz. Advertising on inside & outside metro trains, via billboard advertising on platforms, high definition digital screens (both inside and on the stations), train wraps, static media, median junction advertising, by ticket advertising etc.

It is an ideal medium to reach higher middle class & working professional. It has the potential to create a huge impact for any brand. It gives a golden opportunity for brands to take advantage of a wide audience base, as the Mumbai Metro is slated to connect East with West.

Another advantage is the strong psychographic profile that emerges out of these ads. We can understand the personality, values, opinions, attitudes, interests, and lifestyles of the Customers.

Metro advertisements get an excellent audience viewership. It could be as high as 40 minutes.