Railway Announcement Jingles

Why Jingles??
Why are Jingles so Effective??
Studies show that it is more likely for people to remember the information in commercials when the commercial is packed with music and accompanied by singing. As compared to those commercials that just include speech, commercials that contain jingles create greater impact and get etched in the memory of the listeners. The main reason commercial jingles work is that music has a powerful effect on our emotions. And from very early on humans love rhythm and find music appealing. There will be hardly any human who doesn’t like or isn’t fond of music and rhythm. Naturally, we are very receptive to music and singing. And whenever we come across anything being told accompanied with music and singing, our attention is immediately attracted to it.

You must have often found yourself singing the lyrics of a catchy commercial jingle and sometimes even humming the background scores that appear in many commercials and endorsements. This is nothing but what is called the “commercial jingle effect”. It has been experienced by all of us.

We live in world which has been deeply penetrated by advertising has been saturated by them. But people have a tendency to mentally block commercials. Commercial Jingles are successful in penetrating such mental barriers. Commercial jingles do much more than just convey a message. The benefit of having a well-produced commercial jingle is that it will leave a very positive impression about your brand on the mind of the listener. Not only this, the impression created will last for a long period of time and will translate into the customer’s choice. Your commercial jingle may click with the targeted audience so much so that listeners may remember it like an anthem and even the faintest hearing of it will instantly remind them of the product, service, brand or destination.

How do jingles work??
Commercial jingles influence the way people think and buy. A customised commercial jingle definitely grabs attention, instantly identifies you and your message, churns the listener’s imagination, makes a lasting impression and actually excites viewers and listeners about your business. Put simply: Commercial Jingles Sell! Commercial jingles are business generators!!

When you use music to market your business listeners are more likely to remember you when they reach the market and there is a probability that they end up buying your product. Using a commercial jingle is the fastest way to “Branding” your business. People can relate to music, it drives emotions and creates an image for the listener. The memory retention of a jingle is much faster than that of an all-talking ad. You, your product or your service becomes synonymous with the jingle that you create and use.

Your Competitors also use them. Major companies and at the same time, small businesses also use Jingles to brand their products or services. The simple reason for it is that it works! And it works wonders and therefore no doubt so many business houses opt for it. To stand out in the advertising clutter, a jingle produced by us is all that you need.

Advertising jingles are the most simplistic form of advertising on the market. But they’re also one of the most successful forms of advertising. Once your company’s jingle becomes embedded in minds of the listeners, they’ll end up thinking about your products always. It will always be on the back of their minds and they will think about it say while taking a walk to the nearest store, while driving in silence on their way to work or while cooking for their family.

So, what’s the advantage of having someone think about your products and services all the time? At that precise moment, there may be no advantage. But over a long stretch of time every time that a person hears your jingle, your company’s presence in the marketplace is reinforced. When the person needs a a particular product there’s an excellent chance that the product belonging to your company will come to the person’s mind. And there is a fair chance that the person ends up buying your company’s product from amongst a range of same products from different companies. Jingles work like other forms of advertising; the more often one comes across them, the more the chances are that they get ingrained in the more memory of the listener. Successful jingles have three characteristics: they are short and crisp, easy to comprehend and easily identifiable. A jingle will certainly be forgotten if it doesn’t possess these three qualities.

Besides producing sales, one of the greatest monetary advantages of having a jingle is that you can use it in more than one form of advertising. Jingles are commonly used in radio and television. But you can also use your jingle on your website. Most forms of advertising require constant renewal, but a good jingle can be used over and over again even for decades, keeping your company on people’s minds for generations and encouraging sales and making your brands household names.

Commercial Jingles-Old World Charm and New World Benefits!!
To some it may seem that music jingles are an old fashioned form of advertising. But believe us when we say that jingles still find appeal with most business houses to promote their business. The clear reasons why jingles are still around are: they’re catchy, they’re versatile, they’re inexpensive and they definitely work.

So wait not generate your company’s commercial jingle today and get imbedded in public memory!!