School Bus Advertising and Branding

The avenue of School Bus Advertising will allow you to promote your business while being able to give back to local schools and pre-schools. Advertisements from the house of Advertising have the unique ability to reach greater number of people for far lesser money as compared to endorsements created by other advertising agencies. School bus advertisements have better reach ability as school buses ply on roads and highways everywhere. People downtown, uptown, in the suburbs, in neighborhoods, in shopping districts, on the way to work or on a leisurely drive home get to see school buses passing by them. So making use of these buses for advertising is a brilliant idea. School bus advertising and branding is innovative, trendsetting and effective. School Bus advertising through¬† Advertising reaches people in such places where other media doesn’t have the capability to penetrate. We will make sure that your advertisements will be seen everywhere and viewers are watching. We will also ensure that consumers are out and about and ready to respond to your advertisements.

In those cases where children and their parents are part of your consumer group, School Bus Advertising gives you an extra edge because through this advertising tool you will get a direct marketing avenue for your business advertising amongst this consumer group. You have the opportunity to go directly into your target market and repeat your advertisements or even display before your target audience some of the great deals that you have.

Excellent Benefits

Bus advertising assures a large number audience. Tens of thousands of people will see your advertisements on a daily basis. The frequency at which your advertisements will be viewed is very high. In fact your ads will be seen numerous times in a day thus increasing impact and penetration.
The buses plying to and fro from the various schools will carry your advertisements in the immediate neighbourhood. In this way your advertisements will crisscross the community and will be seen in the community neighbourhood for up to 8-10 hours in a day on a regular basis.
Through this medium it is possible to take your advertisements into hard-to-reach rural areas
School Bus Advertising and Branding is long-lasting and finds retention in the viewer’s mind for extensive periods of time. As compared to billboards, school bus advertisemens last up to two years and don’t fade quickly.
School Bus Advertisements ensure that your advertisement build consumer base and loyalty among the next generation of consumers as children will be your primary viewers in this type of marketing method.

Positive Publicity
School Bus Advertising and Branding brings to your consumers the humane side of your business and thus wins their hearts. Sponsoring a school bus tells your customers you are a partner in social initiative like education. Goodwill like this is a powerful tool for promotion of opportunities associated with school/private sector partnerships. Moreover, it also allows you to play a role in catering a social responsibility.

Unprecedented Reach
Your advertisement will be seen by parents, students, educators, educated people from the field of academics and education and definitely consumers on the go everywhere the buses reach. School buses ply on roads, on highways, at intersections, traffic signals, driving through neighborhoods, at bus stops and before schools. Imagine your brand message positioned where customers can see it day and night. You can choose to highlight your advertisements for maximum exposure ensuring definite viewing.

Another unique aspect of School Bus advertising is Bus wrap. The viewers are attracted towards a bus wrapped from top to bottom in an eye-catching and flashy advertisement. With improvement in production methods and technology, it can only be hoped that the cost of generating such bus wraps will reduce further, making them more affordable.

With unbeatable value and tremendous impact, bus advertising is a smart choice to complement almost any marketing program. Your message can reach more people, for a longer period of time and at a lower cost than other forms of media in the Mumbai, Thane and Navi-mumbai.

Maximum Exposure
Most school buses are in use 8-10 hours daily. They cover distances on the by lanes of entire society, plying through residential as well as commercial areas, driving to and from schools and field trip destinations. These buses are also assigned activity buses travel in evenings and on weekends like sporting events, marriages, band events and more. They frequently cross county state lines travelling even long distances.

So choose School Bus Advertising to promote your business and drive your message home locally and expand your brand awareness for miles across!