Strategy & Distribution


With a diverse portfolio of businesses and widely popular brands, Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd has strategically positioned itself to lead the fast-changing media industry. The company’s strategic business plan is targated towards capitalising on opportunities by offering low-risk and cost-efficient planning, production and execution. The Company is also differentiated from other major operators by its ability to be attentive and responsive to client needs and commitments. Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment Pvt Ltd also manages a state-of-the-art studio with high quality production equipment and logistic support, putting the company in a premier position to capitalise on the exploding entertainment market.

Theatrical Distribution:

India’s theatrical market comprises of both multiplex and single screen theatres, which are 100% digitally equipped. We will distribute the content in all the region of North, South, East and West of India or through sub-distributors. Our internal distribution network allows us greater control, transparency and flexibility over core regions in which we distribute our films. It also permits us to retain a greater portion of revenues per film, as a result of direct exploitation instead of using sub-distributors, which requires the payment of additional fees, sub distributor margins or revenue shares. Outside India, we distribute our films theatrically through our parent company, Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. which has offices in Dubai, Singapore, the U.S., the U.K., Australia and Fiji and through sub-distributors. India is a very underpenetrated market with a screen penetration of only 6 screens per million populations as compared to China, UK and the United States with 23, 61 and 126 screens per million populations.

Television Distribution :

Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd serves one of the largest and growing television markets in the world by licensing high quality Indian film content to satellite television broadcasters operating in India. We believe that the increasing television audience in India creates new opportunities for us to license our film content, and expands audience recognition of the Rachel & Sam name and film products. We license Indian film content (usually a combination of new releases and existing films in our library), to satellite television broadcasters operating in India. We have, directly or indirectly, licensed content for major Indian television channels such as Colors, Sony, the Star Network and Zee TV.

Television pre-sales in India are an important factor in enhancing revenue predictability for our business and are a part of our diversification strategy to secure revenue visibility and mitigate risks of cash flow generation.

Overseas Distribution :

We distribute our films through the established, worldwide, multi-channel distribution network of our company, Rachel & Sam Media & Entertainment Pvt. Ltd. The films are distributed to the South Asian diasporas worldwide and to non-Indian consumers who view Indian films that are subtitled or dubbed in local languages. Internationally, our distribution network extends to over 50 countries, such as the United States, the United Kingdom and throughout the Middle East, where we distribute films to Indian expatriate populations, and to Germany, Poland, Russia, Romania, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, China and Arabic speaking countries, where we release Indian films that are subtitled or dubbed in local languages. China is increasingly becoming an important market and we expect to release selected successful films from our slate for wider release into China. In addition to our theatrical and television distribution networks, our parent has a global network for the digital distribution of our content which consists of full length films, music, music videos, clips and other video content. We distribute content primarily in IPTV, VOD (including SVOD and DTH) and online internet channels.

Rachel Now:

Rachel Now, our digital over-the-top entertainment service is increasingly focused on offering a world-class choice of content including Indian films, music and original shows, opening new markets, delivering consumer-friendly product features such as offline viewing and subtitles and adopting a platform agnostic distribution strategy on Android and iOS platforms across mobile, tablets, cable or internet, including deals with original equipment manufacturers and the platform has rights to over 5,000 movies in 10 Indian Languages and over 250,000 audio tracks from 13 Indian music labels providing music content. The platform is accessible via internet-enabled devices and has registered 55 million registered users globally.

      1. Music and Ancillary Revenue Streams

Music rights, in addition to being a revenue stream, plays an important role in India’s film industry. It has a vital role in the film’s marketing process, and helps generate a buzz around the film and often plays an important part in the film’s success. Other revenue streams include sales for in-flight entertainment to leading airlines, HOTELS, syndication from cable operators, DVD sales etc.

      2. Key Competitive Strengths
  1. Leading co-producer and acquirer of new Indian film content, with an extensive film library.
  2. Established, worldwide, multi-channel distribution network.
  3. Diversified revenue streams and pre-sale strategies mitigate risk and accelerate cash flow generation.
  4.  Ability to acquire content in multiple languages and monetise effectively.
  5. Uniquely positioned to capitalise on the high-growth Indian Media and Entertainment market.
  6.  Strong and experienced management team.