Taxi Advertising

Advertisements on Cabs and Industrial Tempos- A popular trend these days!
These days’ cabs or industrial area tempos are being used for advertising. This advertising media is a cost-effective way that and is being used very commonly nowadays. This method of advertising is definitely proved to be effective for advertising a particular service or product. The advertisements placed on the vans are truly eye-catching and attention-drawing to the public. If you happen to be on the street you will see that there are vast number of these vans passing by you from varied companies.

Cab / Taxi Advertising and Branding- Innumerable Advantages
Effectiveness is the topmost advantage of this media of advertising. But apart from that there are other advantages in using this kind of advertising avenue.

  • Using a van or tempo media for advertising your product or service gives you a great chance to attract and get more customers. It ensures that, your product or service becomes really popular and gains recognition in your customer base. People will easily remember your product and service, thus increasing the possibility of their possibly availing it more than others. Awareness, impact and impression about your product will increase very easily through this medium.
  • Most importantly when you use van media you will not spend more. You have to spend a lot in other methods of advertising because of the high charges of the advertising company. However, the cost of van media is quite less even though you with the best of companies providing a van or tempo media. And definitely in this way you will surely save a good amount of money on your advertising keeping the promotional budget of your company low. Cabs media delivers one of the lowest cost per thousand (CPM) of all major media.
  • Van media is perfect for you if you want do something new for advertising what your business has or if you want to say something new about your product or service or if you want to launch a new product or service or if you are looking to widen your band width or you are wanting to introduce people to a new destination. With the effectiveness of this advertising method, surely your business will prosper and become popular and the demand for your products and services will rise in the market. This will also help your business to become successful and gain financial returns.
  • Cabs deliver an unbelievable reach and frequency as they travel 2,000 miles per week an average. Taxis can help build a brand or drive foot traffic. Cabs are never “zoned-out” by the traffic department so it is sure that your messages reach all neighborhoods in a market. It is also guaranteed that your messages will go a long way, while travelling long distances. This means that van media provides wide distance coverage.
  • Taxi or Cabs Advertising is truly intrusive and penetrating, taking your advertisement to the deepest corners of the market and thus generating consumer base. Our illuminated taxi tops ensure that you can make your presence felt in the market 24 hours a day, 7days a week, all month long and throughout the year.
  • The best feature that cabs offer is a clear view at eye-level, making your graphic mobile messages dominant in city centers and roads.
  • “Cabs go where people go – where they work, live, shop and play.” Cabs are a demand-led medium following the population flow throughout the day. This means that as a marketing medium it finds easy audience. Cabs or taxis are people-driven and so they are the best way to reach people.
  • Another advantage offered by this type of advertising media is that your messages get an exclusive viewing from targeted audiences of pedestrians, vehicular commuters and in-taxi passengers. Cab or Taxi advertising is also fantastic at reaching businessmen, tourists and the conventional tradesmen.
  • Cab advertising builds your brand with every mile driven. Whether advertising on vehicle and van wrapping, from a single car to a large fleet, this advertising avenue is a smash hit.
  • The advantage of full color print is now available for vehicle wrapping, which means that you can apply photographs and high impact images to your cars, vans, trucks and trailers to make them work even harder for your business.
  • Vehicle advertising has long been recognized as an extremely cost effective form of advertising. It saves cost and so is chosen by savvy business houses all over the world. Now with increasing monetary independence that people are enjoying in our country these days, taxi or cab services are becoming affordable and so more and more people are using them. This opens up demand for and popularity of cab advertising all the more.


Cab/Taxi Advertising and Branding- How it works?
Take advantage of the Advantage vehicle wrapping service and create more exciting first impressions with full color graphics. You can either choose to covers part or the entire vehicle with the help these wraps. The beauty of vehicle wrapping is that almost photographic quality images can be used. This gives infinite opportunities to augment the impact that vehicle advertising can provide. A reputable supplier must be used for vehicle wrapping as it is a highly skilled job. And for a perfect finish and to prevent peeling or cracking of the design and to ensure a seamless finish a skilled wrapping technique has to be applied by the supplier. The vehicle wrapping film is printed at wide format, and once applied can be left for the long term if required – providing a protective surface underneath which the original paintwork has been protected from the elements and chipping that normal wear and tear involves.

Advertising- Your one stop destination for Taxi Advertising!
Skilled graphic designers do vehicle wrapping design the best. They can design layouts to maximize your advertising campaign, and our company can provide this service to you. We can even provide templates for most vehicles, for your own professional designers to work with. In every which way Advertising can partner your every Cab or Taxi Advertising and Branding need. We will direct your promotional requirements and drive your business to higher levels.