Train Internal Branding

  • Mass coverage at reasonable rates.
  • Ideal for products which are gender based.
  • Cost effective medium.
  • Covering audiences belonging to different socio-economic strata and cultures.


Mumbai Local Train Internal Advertising & Branding
Scores of people use local trains in Mumbai to commute vast distances. A large audience of people ranging from different socio-economic and cultural backgrounds spend considerable time while traveling in these Mumbai local trains. To attract the attention of these lakhs of people the most effective and cost-effective medium is Train Internal Advertising and Branding. It is a perfect way to attract the commuters who cannot avoid seeing these highly visible, attractive displays that are designed to absorb the attention of lakhs of travelers commuting to and fro within Mumbai City every day on the Central, Western and Harbour railway lines.

Commuters on trains belong to different age groups and fields like students, service-oriented persons, senior-citizens, executives, businessmen, ladies, children etc. Advertisings for products catering to these different groups can be placed by means of Train Internal Advertising and Branding. Even gender-specific products or services can also be endorsed through this medium as there are separate ladies coaches and special ladies trains in Mumbai local trains.

Providing a highly personalized local touch, the Train internal Advertising brings national and international brands and services to local people in their own unique way.  Advertising partners with its customers to create designs that will stand out from those of their competitors, but at the same time will effectively interact to their target audience.

Another advantage that train internal advertising and branding offers is that you can place the advertisement inside the train wherever you feel it will get maximum exposure and will be noticed by the commuters.

The trains run for very long distances, so these advertisings offer maximum distance coverage. As most commuters commute to and fro on a daily basis, these advertisings get viewed at a very high frequency and lead to better registration and recall.

Hence, Train Internal Advertisings and Branding are a brilliant marketing and promotional strategy. If used, it is bound to yield desired results. Join hands with Tele Advertising today and reap life-long benefits!