TV Commercials

Rachel & Sam is a Mumbai based production house specializing in Television Commercials, Corporate Films and Film Production. Mumbai is one of 3 top hubs of film production globally today. From independent cutting-edge cinema to mainstream mega-budget Bollywood blockbusters; to being the hub of the advertising industry in India, and increasingly, Asia, you will find it all here. Some of the best technicians, talent, post studios, and film studios are located in Mumbai.

Rachel & Sam is a young and dynamic production house operating at the confluence of this Mumbai scene. The core team is hugely experienced, with experiences ranging from music video to daily soaps to advertising agency to feature films.

Our pool of directorial talent is pretty evolved, creating ads and films that showcase stunning visual effects, hard-hitting performances, and full-scale animation films.

After carving a niche in the Indian industry, Abstract is now looking to service good agencies and production house partners globally. We would like to help companies across the world leverage Indian talent and location options as a hardworking and honest partner they would like to do business with.